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Glucocil is a new product created to lower blood sugar naturally. This natural blood sugar reduction supplement does have some important ingredient such as chromium and cinnamon, but left out some desirable ingredients which have been proven to support healthy blood glucose. Our main concern with Glucocil is the claims they are making at in clear violation of the DSHEA. It is unethical to make claims of reduction in blood sugar when there is no data published in a peer reviewed journal or approved by the FDA backing this claim up. The other clear violation is the statement “Glucocil has been clinically proven to reduce fasting and post meal blood sugars all day”. In order for the makers of this natural blood sugar reduction supplements to make this claim, they would have to have provide the actual data and studies they completed. Our review team does not support or recommend any natural blood sugar reduction products that make false statements or mislead the public with claims they cannot back up.