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Glucotor is another product with claiming to be an all natural blood sugar reducing supplement. To the laymen, one would read all the testimonials, studies and all natural news letters regarding this blood sugar lowering supplement and think it is the second coming of a new pancreases. Part of our review process is to debunk all the claims and bring clarity regarding another natural blood sugar supplement with outlandish claims. The makers of Glucotor claim to have a clinical study in which blood sugar was reduced by 53 points. That statement alone is enough to give Glucotor a do not buy recommendation from our review. Why? This is the most obscene claim ever made with regards to natural blood sugar control. If this clinical study really existed, why hasn’t the ADA ( American Diabetes Association) named Glucotor the magic cure for diabetes? The truth is that anyone can say they have a study and create whatever they want in order to fool those looking for a natural blood sugar reduction supplement that works. If this study actually existed and was done in a true scientific format, why hasn’t it been published in peer review journals such as Diabetes Care or the New England Journal of medicine? The next claim is that this blood sugar reduction supplement will help attain weight loss of 15lbs by reducing the rate at which you utilize calories from carbohydrates. Really? Where is the clinical data proving this? Get the point? Our review concludes with a strong do not buy. Until these manufacturers provide real clinical data on key ingredients, supplements for natural blood sugar reduction such as Glucotor will remain a strong do not buy.